ITIL® Foundation (English)


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ITIL® is a globally-recognised best practice for management of IT services from strategy and design to operation and continual improvement. The ITIL® Foundation course is an entry-level course ideal to gain fundamental understanding of the ITIL® structure, basic concepts and terminology


The three-day interactive instructor-led foundation course offers an overview of the fundamentals of ITIL based on the service life cycle, including key elements such as services, processes, roles, functions, systems, tools and models.
As ITIL® is a very extensive best practice, the course will primarily provide you with an overview of the extensive subject matter. Therefore, you cannot expect that you can go straight home and implement what you have learned without attending the higher intermediate courses or without the support of others in your organization who are more experienced in ITIL®.


Your main takeaways from the course are:

  • Understanding of the service life cycle and its phases
  • Knowledge of basic concepts, principles and models in ITIL®
  • Insight into the key ITIL® processes, roles and functions
  • Evidence that you have a basic knowledge of ITIL® best practice (ITIL® Foundation Certificate)

Once you have passed the ITIL® Foundation exam, you meet the entry requirements for the ITIL® Intermediate courses, where you learn to put theory into practice.

Target group and prerequisites

This course is for those who are involved in the delivery of IT services and need an understanding of IT service management best practice.
The course is among other ideal for:

  • IT professionals that are stakeholders in any of the service related processes
  • IT managers
  • Process owners and managers
  • Project managers
  • Enterprise architects and IT architects
  • Service delivery managers / Business relationship managers
  • IT service management consultants

There are no formal prerequisites but candidates wishing to be trained and pass the exam for this qualification should have a general awareness of IT and knowledge of their own business environment.
Also, it is highly recommended that you are able to focus 100% on the course and allocate time for homework, as many students find the course quite intense.


  • Service management as a practice
  • The ITIL service lifecycle
  • Generic concepts and definitions
  • Key principles and models
  • Selected processes
  • Selected functions
  • Selected roles
  • Technology and architecture
  • Competence and training

Practical information


3 days


9:00 – 17:00

Also, expect to allocate a couple of hours for homework after class the first two days.


The course is delivered in English. Course material and examination are in English as well. If you are looking for ITIL Foundation in Danish, please click here >>

Course material

We use e-material designed for the purpose – not just a pdf – thus achieving several benefits:

  • Online app with hundreds of interactive questions – both open questions and exam questions
  • Interactive material that can be used on PC, tablet and mobile phone. Both online and offline versions are available
  • Your notes in the material are synchronized across your devices
  • Good for the environment, because we don’t print hundreds of pages that only are kept for a short period of time

As we use e-materials, please bring your own laptop for both the course and the exam.


You must pass a 60 minute, 40 question closed book multiple choice examination with a pass mark of 65% (i.e. minimum 26 correct answers). The exam will be held on the last day of the course around 15:00. The exam will take place on-line, so you will need to bring a Laptop with Wi-Fi access.
Upon passing, you will receive a certificate and obtain 2 points in the ITIL Expert training scheme, which requires 22 points in total.


Peopleteam are ATO Affiliates of Aim4Knowledge and thereby accredited by PeopleCert to deliver this course.


Per participant: DKK 7,900 excl. VAT
Exam fee: DKK 1,950 excl. VAT

The price includes course material, catering and exam.