Online exam, web proctored

Danish version >>

IMPORTANT: Please follow this guide thoroughly for the best possible exam experience.

Please contact PeopleCert >> customer support directly via chat if you have any questions or comments to the technical setup of the exam (e.g. issues with ExamShield).


This guide is for anyone taking an online, web-proctored exam at home or in the office.


IMPORTANT: Things to do before the exam


1. Check that you laptop is compatible with the exam system

Before you sign up for the exam, please check that you laptop is compatible with the exam system.

  • You must be able to install the exam application (ExamShieldLauncher.exe). This application locks your laptop during the exam. As soon as you receive the mail fra PeopleCert linking to ExamShieldLauncher.exe, you should test that you can install and run it. It is not possible to do the exam without this application.
  • ExamShield is also available through Microsoft Store here >>  or Open Microsoft Store and search for ‘examshield’
  • Your laptop must be equipped with webcam and speakers (headset is not enough, built-in speakers are OK).
  • You must be in an undisturbed room throughout the exam.
  • Please read the full guide from the exaqmination institute here: Windows/Mac.

If you have trouble downloading the exam application, please contact your local IT-department. Give them this infomation: Til IT-afdelingen i forbindelse med PeopleCert-eksamener >>


2. Register for the exam 48 hours in advance

The exam is online and web-proctored.

Your PeopleCert Code (exam voucher) is valid for 11 months from the day you receive it.

You register for the exam at least 48 hours in advance using PeopleCert’s online exam registration system like this:

Step 1. Create account (if you already have a PeopleCert account, please continue directly to step 2):

  • Go to Peoplecert login and click “NEW CANDIDATE?”
  • Complete the form and click “JOIN PEOPLECERT”
  • Now your account has been created

Step 2. Register for the exam:

  • Log in to PeopleCert and enter your “PeopleCert Code” in the field  “Code” in the area  “Register for an exam”
  • Follow the process for choosing exam time.
  • Click “CONFIRM”, and you have been registered for the exam.
  • After this, please follow the thorough instructions that you receive directly from PeopleCert.

ATTENTION regarding ID: In your booking process, you must choose which type of ID you want to show to identify yourself with on your exam day. You can see here which types of ID PeopleCert accepts >> Be aware that PeopleCert does not accept digital ID, such as a digital driver’s license on the mobile phone.

Guide with screenshots (in Danish) >>

Note: PeopleCert offers an option called “Take2” when you register for the exam. Read about “Take2” here >>

Your PeopleCert Code is sent to you by email. If you haven’t received a PeopleCert Code as agreed, please contact Peopleteam.


3. Rehearse with the course material

Use your course material for rehearsal to prepare for the exam.

If your instructor has provided you with a study guide, please use it to target your studying.


4. Take the exam

Follow the PeopleCert process. You will receive thorough guidance before, during and after the exam.

You are allowed to use a physical dictionary (e.g. English-Danish), but not Google Translate.

Make sure that you are in a room that is completely undisturbed. PeopleCert is proctoring the exam via WebCam and may stop the exam if anyone enters the room during the exam.


Tips and extra information


During the exam

PeopleCert can see and hear you during the exam session. You are allowed to ask questions to your exam invigilator about e.g. technical issues. Apart from that you, must be alone during the exam.


After the exam

When finishing the online exam, you will be presented with your preliminary results (passed/failed). Within a few days you will also receive an email with the final result and link to your certificate (provided you passed the exam).


Questions and contact

Please contact PeopleCert >> customer support directly via chat if you have any questions or comments to the technical setup of the exam (e.g. issues with ExamShield).

You are welcome to contact Peopleteam in case of questions or comments to the contents of the related course.