Welcome to SDComm©

When attending the SDComm© course you do not need to prepare anything before course start. However, please read this guide with tips and information – and contact Peopleteam / Dialog+ if you have any questions or comments.


Tips and extra information

During the course

Make yourself “inaccessible” during the course. The three days are very intensive and require your full attention.

Course material

Find a link to your course material in your welcoming mail from Peopleteam.
All material is in English.


If you are attending the exam, it takes place at the last day of the course around 15:00 pm. The exam is online. The exam duration is 60 minutes, in English and you are allowed to use notes and course material to aid you. To pass the exam, you must answer 26 of the 40 questions correctly (65%). Upon passing the exam, you will receive a certificate in “SDComm ©”.

The exam is in English.

If you are not attending the exam, the course will end for you approx. 15.00 pm on the day of the exam.


Questions and contact

Feel free to contact Peopleteam if you have any questions or comments.