Welcome to your ITIL® 4 Foundation BRIDGE course

Please read this guide carefully for the best possible course experience. And please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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IMPORTANT: Things to do before the course

Please ensure that the following is ready before course start (full instructions below the list):

  1. Get your course material
  2. Prepare for the course
  3. Register for your exam
  4. Bring your laptop/PC

Further desciption follows:

1. Get your course material

  • Before the course you will receive a mail with links to the course material in pdf-format. You can download the material and print it if you like.


2. Prepare for the course

  • You will receive an email with information about how to prepare for the course
  • By preparing, you will increase your chance of passing the exam considerably. You will also get an overall better course experience.
  • Current feedback shows that preparation time is around 8 hours, depending of reading speed.


3. Register for your exam

You will receive an email with a PeopleCert-code.

The exam is online and requires an account with PeopleCert Examination Institute. Signing up is a 2-step process where you register with the examinations institute and then sign up for the actual exam:

Step 1

  • Go to PeopleCert loginside and click “NEW CANDIDATE?”
  • Complete the form and click “JOIN PEOPLECERT”
  • Your account is now created

Step 2

  • Log on to the same page and type in your “PeopleCert Code” in the field “Code” under “Register for an exam”
  • Click “CONFIRM”, and you are now registered for the exam
  • IMPORTANT: If you experience technical problems when registering for the exam, please SIGN OUT of peoplecert.org and SIGN IN again. Then try to register again. If you still experience problems, please contact us >>

Note: PeopleCert offers an option called “Take2” when you register for the exam. Read about “Take2” here >>

Your PeopleCert Code is given to you before the course. If you haven’t received a PeopleCert Code two working days before the course, please contact Peopleteam (see contact info at the end of this page).

ATTENTION: Make sure to register a few days before you want to sit the exam, as there is typically a couple of days of waiting time from signing up to the actual exam.


4. Bring your PC/laptop

  • It is very important that you bring your own laptop, due to the digital format of the material and online exam.
  • The exam runs on a laptop (PC with Windows – or a Mac). Test if your laptop and browser is supported by the  exam system here >>


Tips and extra information

During the course

Please try to be “unavailable/out of office” during the course. You are in for an intense day, and most students need to focus fully during the day.



Note that ITIL Foundation Bridge does NOT end with an exam. You must book the exam yourself on PeopleCert.org.


After the course/exam

After finishing the online exam, your preliminary result will be displayed (pass/fail). Within max. 10 days you will receive your final result by mail – and (provided that you pass) link to your certificate.


Questions and contact

Please feel free to contact Peopleteam in case of questions or comments (note that the contact form is in Danish).