Study guide and tips for ITIL 4 Foundation exam re-sit

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In the event that you failed the exam and you are sitting the exam again, then you can target your reading using your exam result:

  1. Analyze your exam
  2. Target your studying
  3. Test your knowledge using the sample papers

1. Analyze your exam

  1. Find your exam result on >>
  2. Find your exam on the list
  3. Check the column  “STATEMENT OF RESULTS”
  4. Click “View/Print”
  5. Download the file “SoR.pdf”
  6. Compare your result with this study guide:
Syllabus subject area When to study What to study
ITIL4F_1 – Understand the key concepts of service management 60% or below Slide 8-26 (Key concepts of service management)
Test questions “ITIL 4 concepts 1. General concepts and definitions”
ITIL4F_2 – Understand how the ITIL guiding principles can help an organization adopt and adapt service management 67% or below Slide 67-84 (The ITIL guiding principles)
Test questions “ITIL 4 concepts 5. The guiding principles”
ITIL4F_3 – Understand the four dimensions of service management 50% or below Slide 29-43 (The 4 dimensions of service management)
Test questions “ITIL 4 concepts 4. The 4 dimensions”
ITIL4F_4 – Understand the purpose and components of the ITIL service value system 0% Slide 45-52 (The ITIL Service Value System)
Test questions “ITIL 4 concepts 2. The service value system”
ITIL4F_5 – Understand the activities of the service value chain, and how they interconnect 50% or below Slide 54-65 (The service value chain)
Test questions “ITIL 4 concepts 3. The service value chain”
ITIL4F_6 – Know the purpose and key terms of 15 ITIL practices 60% or below Slide 86-124 (All red bordered boxes + the three types of changes on slide 118)
Test questions “ITIL 4 Practices 1. Practice purposes”
ITIL4F_7 – Understand 7 ITIL practices 85% or below Slide 86-90 (Continual improvement)
Test questions “ITIL 4 Practices 2. Continual improvement”Slide 95-97 (Service level management)
Test questions “ITIL 4 Practices 3. Service level management”

Slide 102-106 (Service desk)
Test questions “ITIL 4 Practices 4. Service desk”

Slide 107-110 Service request management)
Test questions “ITIL 4 Practices 5. Service request management”

Slide 111-115 (Incident management)
Test questions “ITIL 4 Practices 6. Incident management”

Slide 116-119 (Problem management)
Test questions “ITIL 4 Practices 7. Problem management”

Slide 120-122 (Change change enablement)
Test questions “ITIL 4 Practices 8. Change enablement”

2. Target your studying

Read slides AND notes within the area(s) that have the lowest score(s).

3. Test your knowledge using the sample papers

Sample papers and test questions are here >>

Password is in your welcome mail that you received before the course.

If you have lost your password, please contact us on – and we will help you.

The sample papers are merely spot-checks of your knowledge. Use the sample papers to check the areas that need rehearsal. Not to guarantee that a good sample paper result automatically will give you a good exam result.

Enjoy your studying.